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The Merchants Caravan

My Process

My goal for this scene was to create a stylized caravan. The idea was that this merchant sold weapons out of his wagon on the side of the dirt road. I started off by gathering reference images from the internet and then I planned out the scene on paper. Once I had a visualization of what I wanted to do I started modeling everything in Maya, creating the low poly models. Then I took each asset into Zbrush and sculpted the high poly models. After finishing the high poly models I went back into Maya to UV the assets and then they were ready for texturing. When all the assets had been textured, I was ready for the final step. I uploaded all my assets/textures into Unreal Engine 4 and set up my scene for rendering the final product. Below are the results, I hope you enjoy!

Beauty shots

Scene Assets

Environment Assets

Hero Asset

Caravan Hero Asset

High-Poly Model

Caravan High Poly and Wireframe

BAse, UV, normal Set

Caravan Texture Sheet

Concept Art

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